Sofa Lounge Handcrafted Partition for Mahanakhon Sky Bar

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Last year we have an opportunity to get a special project which is collaboration with SornArt. I remember that our artisans were unaccustomed to weave the old pattern in 'Dok Chan' (this means asterisk in Thai), is the product line signature. Fortunately, the France designer goes along with our idea to mix between two patterns. In addition, the power of Pa-nan leaf has plant oil to cover its skin so it take a polished and silky. The reflection of light will create the beautiful of colour shade even some our artisan fear in this point but its natural beauty for us and for client as well.

Behind the scenes.....

In that time we became to be one of artisan to help them for weaving everything finish on time. Honestly, we need to show that we are a team to encourage in each other. On the other hand, Pa-nan wickerwork is women's work following the culture. It means all of artisans is women and doing in every step by herself. This is one reason why it take time to do. Well, Ped (SarnSard's designer) is the first guy who weave Pa-nan wickerwork in the village. The result, it take other villagers turn to interest what we we do!

Just by learning.....

Yes, this is the old pattern and everyone were unaccustomed to weave! We start to take off this pattern with Janpen within it's too difficult for others. When we get this project, we though that this is the great time to improve skills to them. We were have early meeting with all of artisans, we start to motivate everyone by showing Mahanakhon tower and tell story because we need them to know the value in what they do now and let them feel proud. After that I feel passion in every action that they're trying do until now.

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