Bangkok Design Week 2019

Updated: May 13, 2019

Bangkok Design Week 2019 (26th-3rd of February 2019) was organized under the theme “Fusing Forward” to reflect Bangkok’s true potential in being the gathering place for creatives and producers, who work to combine knowledge from various disciplines locally and internationally, new and old, to create products and services for commercial purposes and better quality of life.

For us, Bangkok Design Week 2019 was setted to feature a wide array of designers, studio, crafters, makers and artists predominantly from Thailand. As the event works to showcase and promote each brand’s identity and vision as opposed to generating on-the-spot sales it seems to be a perfect opportunity for us to really show what we are capable of work.

SarnSard has chance to participate in and this is our first time for exhibiting. We proudly to present our collaboration with empower women of Du-Hun weavers for ‘Miti’collection at River city.

“MITI” was inspired by perceiving the “Dok Chan” weaving pattern on “Pandan Pandanus ” household appliances of Du Hun villagers at Trang province. We would like to preserve and inherit local wisdom through merged with contemporary design by matching between natural material and colour shade in order to create new woven perspective that reflect feeling and emotion. Thus, the design is named as “MITI”.

Lastly, we would like to thank you TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center) for giving a great opportunity. Even this is our first step, we are overwhelmed by your guys to support us.

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