woven pandanus pa-nan

inherited wisdom of ancestral Indonesian immigrants settled in the south of Thailand. It is produced from natural plant fibers, "Toey Pa-Nan"or "Seashore Screwpine", is coastal plants that grows along the shores of Andaman sea.


over 100 years weaving pandanus weave "Toey Pa-Nan" have been using in a household appliances such as 'Cher' for keeping paddy rice and dried foods, 'Sard' or mat for using in daily life and the ceremony.




select the marinate leave that are soft and not too old

separate the leaf and remove the thorns out

Hold the Pandanus

Pa-Nan over the fire.

The skin will be coating by plant oil thus the products will be glossy

Split the leaf into strips by using cat’s claw or called “Yahad” as desired sized

Soak in the water about 2 nights for dissolving contaminants protecting leaves to decompose and can be stored without fungi

To be exposed leaves to the sun, then it will be ivory white colour with soft touch, glossy and durable. Ready to weave for natural colour.

Dyeing process. 

The standard colour with dyeing process skill will give a higher quality of fiber. It will be not discolouration and durable for using.