SarnSard Studio

The unique of natural plant fiber ‘Pandanus Pa-Nan’ woven for lifestyle products, interior goods and accessories using a blend of contemporary and traditional methods. All works made by us in Thailand.

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Designer Team

Visrut Taweevorasuwan

Visrut Taweevorasuwan

Visrut Taweevorasuwan

Visrut Taweevorasuwan


product designer

graduated with a bachelor's degree of architecture in the field of industial design, school of architecture and design, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi

Manatsanun Taweevorasuwan


art director

graduated with a bachelor's degree of arts program in business chinese and business english, Assumption University of Thailand

Artisan Team


artisan leader

She has been working with Pa-Nan Pandanus for more than 30 years. She is highly experienced and skilled with invaluable to the Pa-Nan Pandanus craftsmanship skill inheritance.


Presently, she became an artisan leader inadvertently because of Pa-Nan Pandanus craftsmen are inadequate, and her passion need to inherit the traditional waving of Pa-Nan Pandanus thus she dedicated her time to support and empower other women in village.